Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress to be on the course?
You’re a ninja now. Put on your favorite athletic clothing. You MUST wear closed toe shoes. No jewelry, no belt buckles and make sure your glasses are secured.
Can I bring food and drink?
All ninjas need water. So don’t hesitate to bring a water bottle with you. Water only is allowed beyond the course entry. You will be able to set it to the side while you’re conquering obstacles and get hydrated as you need just off the course. No outside food is allowed.
I want the best photo opportunities while my son/daughter is on the course. Where should I be?
The best view is an up-close view. See the action firsthand and get the best camera angles with a participant bracelet. All spectators will be required to stay outside the barrier, but if you’d like to interact with your child and get great pictures, spring for the participant bracelet. Who knows, they may talk you into trying out the Warped Wall!
Will there be food onsite?
YES! We are pleased to have Pourhorse Cantina provide yummy full meals throughout the day…even breakfast! They will be there during all open hours.